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I’m passionate about clean lines, clear work areas, and especially about keeping finances organized.

When the spaces around us are disorganized, our minds cannot think clearly. When we are unsure of our financial situation, we can become overwhelmed.

For years, I had noticed my co-workers and friends struggling to perform their jobs fully, not enjoying their surroundings, and at times being affected physically (migraines..?!) - all because they had trouble maintaining focus due to being unorganized.

In 2006, I realized that the ability to create and maintain organization that came naturally to me could be used to easily help others to regain their sense of joy and peace. So I started Organize4hire. Initially, my focus was on office organization, but shortly thereafter I added home organization. I began hiring Associates - Professional Organizers - to help a growing need in the community.

In 2011, I left my full time job and began providing bookkeeping services as well. As with organizing, I had noticed that friends and coworkers could become very stressed out about their finances - not because they were in a bad place financially, but because they couldn’t keep everything straight in their minds. Again, I saw a way that I could help alleviate stress, bring contentment, and allow for them to focus on their lives and families and small businesses.

My desire is that when you hire us, you will very quickly experience a change in your life. Less stress and more fun!

Make the decision to ask for help today. It’s ok! We’re here for you.

Stacy Gomez, Owner